Who We Are

We are a small family team from a background with a strong focus on child education, teaching, and nurturing. We’ve raised our own children, taught online and in the classroom, and curated our own educational curriculum. Through the years, we have continued learning and growing our skills and knowledge.

After all this time, we finally thought, “Why not launch a website where we can start sharing the fun and excitement of learning with others?”

So we launched our Lit’l Lessons website this year, started pinning on Pinterest, and pulled together new activities, stories, and ideas focused on English Language Arts. We hope everyone who engages with us will find something fun that will help them learn something new along their own learning journey!

Why Us?
Our Experience
Over 40+ years in child education, care, and development plus 4 years of teaching ESL online. We are also TEFL certified!
Original Content
Every item we offer, sell or promote on our website was personally created, written, developed, and designed by us!
Something for Every Budget
We offer paid and free options on our website, and we will always strive to keep both types of content coming your way!
Our Team
Teacher | Writer | Designer

with a great love of travel, learning, teaching, animals, gardening, crafts and family. In my spare time I love to bird watch, take daily walks and watch or read Agatha Christie mysteries.

Webmaster | Writer | Designer

with a passion for animal welfare, learning, nature, yoga and reading. I have two pets, love the mountains and the beach, and one of my favorite authors is Ernest Hemingway. Just to name one ūüôā

How can I contact you?
We have a Contact Us form available on the website for any questions, comments or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!
Do you really design everything yourselves?
All of our content is uniquely designed. While we sometimes use third party software designs to create our content, we also feature original artwork. We do our best to make sure original artwork is noted. You can check out our gallery to see our work!
Why aren't comments available on the website?
Our Lit'l Lessons website doesn't feature a blog section. We feature stories we've written but if you'd like to comment on any of our stories, feel free to use our Contact form.
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What should I do if I am not happy with a purchase?
We want you to be completely happy and satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with your purchase and you think it's something we can fix for you, please connect with us via our Contact form. If the issue appears to be how Amazon printed or shipped your product, please connect with Amazon support.
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If I subscribe to your newsletter, how often will I receive the newsletter?
As promised when you signup for our newsletter, we won't spam you. We sent out a newsletter every two to four weeks. Our emails will give you an overview of our new content so you can keep up to date!
I am having an issue with the website, what should I do?
We do our best to keep our website fully functioning. If you encounter a broken link, are unable to view, print or download any item or the website isn't functioning, please let us know by using the Contact page!
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Where are you located?
We are an online company based in the USA.
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I'd love a custom journal, can you do that?
If you would like something custom in our shop, please use the Contact form and include all the your details and we'll see what we can do! We can't promise every custom request can be fulfilled but if it's possible for us, we'll do our best.
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I have educational material I'd love to feature on your website. Would you feature it?
If you are interested in contributing to our website, we'd love to see your story or activity ideas. If we think it's a good fit, we'd love to feature it! Please understand, all content has to follow our guidelines and we reserve the right to refuse to publish any content you send us. Send us an email using our Contact form to find out how to submit your ideas!
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